• Chelsea Meyers

O.U.R. Fundraiser: Daddy Daughter/ Mother Son Dance

O.U.R. first event (see what I did there?) was a "Daddy daughter/mother son dance" that was benefiting Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). Here's what we saw: -We saw 140 people come to support the cause!

-We saw $1,500 raised to benefit Operation Underground Railroad as they fight against sex-trafficking!

-We saw new relationships formed and even healed!

-We saw families have fun with their kids! There are two main things I've been reflecting on. One, the amazing support we had. I'm not talking about the numbers above but I'm talking about all the people who gave their time, talent, and energy and were there all day setting up and tearing down. Two, I've been reflecting on the quote "Our deepest ministry comes from our deepest pain." About three weeks before the dance I came out and shared Asha's (my daughter's) story (from my perspective) about her being taken out of our backyard. If you missed it, you can read about it here. Here's the thing, I didn't want to post that. Originally we were going to make a video (we will likely do that next year), but I just couldn't do it. As you can imagine, it's not the funnest thing to talk about. One day as I was praying, God gave me the courage and strength (yup, he can do that if you come to Him) and I just put it out there. At this point, it is the most shared thing I've ever posted. I usually don't care about the amount of likes or shares something gets, but this time was a bit different. Everyone who was sharing it was sharing stories, prayers for the community, feelings, and admirations. It was truly beautiful and because of that story, it started a domino affect on the event page and most people showed up because they heard the story. My point is this; God doesn't waste your pain. He has the power to turn your trial into a testimony. The Gospel can be preached through the ways He's made all things work together for good in your life. Use your deepest pain and you'll do your best ministry. Until next time! -Josh Meyers (Lead Pastor)


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